Hello Big Buyers!

We are deeply grateful for your participation - you are our main connection to the public and to those who can help us create a more literate world.



You can either:

Order Chapter ONE NOW on-line with a credit card

Order Chapter TWO NOW on-line with a credit card


Mail in a check with an order form - we no longer
can invoice you. (too many outstanding bills from last year!)

call 415.553.3330 with any questions

If you are just buying these as gifts - give and thank you!

If you are selling them, each POP cube (5 inches cubed) holds 16 CDs. Suggested retail is $15/CD. Your cost is $10/CD. The CDs promote 16 books. Books stores can display them along with the CDs and run a cross-promotional sale. We encourage you to hit the streets! The Girl Scouts have been doing this for years and it works! But instead of cookies - we're selling food for the ears, eyes and soul.

Since you can make $5 on each CD sold, we encourage you to take that margin and donate it back to your local literacy project or go to a bookstore in your hood and buy a couple of great books!

We look forward to receiving your first order today - thank you!


Thank you!