Author Literary Source Song Writer(s) Name of Song Country State Province
Reinaldo Arenas Before Night Falls John Reedy Reinaldo USA NY  
Albert Camus The Myth of Sisyphus Roy L. O'Neil, Jr. Everybody's Got A Rock to Roll USA CT  
Aldous Huxley Brave New World Dennis Fallon Brave New World USA PA  
Alex Haley Roots Larissa Rudeen Aboard the Captain's Ship USA OR  
Alfred Lord Tennyson The Lady Of Shalott Etienne Ghyoot The River's End South Africa    
Allen Ginsberg Howl James McAnally Between Answers USA MO  
Alvin Toffler & Marshall McLuhan The Third Wave & The Medium is the Message George Cattapan Strangers In Dreamland Canada    Ontario
Anita Shreve The Pilot's Wife Carrie Cheron The Pilot's Wife USA MA  
Anne Rice the Vampire Chronicles Victor Johnson Akasha (Queen on the Damned) USA NC  
Anne Rice Interview With The Vampire ELEKTRONIKA VAMPIRE USA WA