Founder's Statement

Music has always been in me like a perpetual fire. It's been my connective tissue to everyone in my life. Nothing penetrates me so deeply and nothing has enabled my voice to more boldly speak the truth. Songs have tumbled out of me like an impatient child — at times, with a raw poignancy. But there’s never been a right or wrong context for music to explode in and through me. Most times when music springs forth — it’s been the most perfect creative explosion.

I've always tried to focus my poetry and passion into my work. I write and sing to reveal the least understood, at times most troubling, and little celebrated aspects of our world. In the last couple of years, I began to understand that there was an underlining theme linking much of the unease of the world — illiteracy. Not having the tools to read is undeniably linked to low self-esteem and personal sorrow.

There’s no doubt that this profound tool — literacy — has blessed my life, my musical vocabulary and my ability to speak to the world clearly. In November 1999, I read a rich work of literature, which poignantly influenced my music and writing. It created a remarkable opening for a song — "7th Step" is the result. It sparked an idea...

Now, nearly 3 years later, my search for the perfect SIBL has gone global. And my devotion to the cause of adult literacy has deepened to the point where I now feel an unstoppable obligation to serve that community through song. I envision that for every song written and heard because of The SIBL Project, another adult will walk into a literacy program toward their unimagined journey through words, imagination and possibilities.

For all who support this project today and in years to come, thank you. This is a great winged movement to be a part of. I can’t imagine devoting our time to anything more magnificent than music, poetry or literature. Together, we will build musical bridges for those who have yet to cross into the magical waters of reading literature, poetry and prose — what better use of our life?

With heart and song,

Deborah B. Pardes

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