A letter of support from Randy Weaver-
Director of Project Read, San Francisco:

Dear Friends,

As director of Project Read, the adult literacy program of the San Francisco Public Library, I am urging your support for the SIBL (Songs Inspired By Literature) Project. In the United States, one in five adults lack the reading and writing skills necessary to be successful workers, family members, and citizens. Unfortunately, this widespread problem often goes unnoticed, and the organizations working to correct this national problem are often under-funded.The SIBL Project is designed to raise both public awareness and much-needed dollars to directly support community-based literacy programs.

The release of albums featuring high profile recording artists dedicated to a more literate society will surely capture the attention of the media and the public. Now is the time to help change the lives of millions of people who can't read. All across the United States, wherever adults are working to improve their literacy skills, success stories can be shared. But for every person who learns to read, there are thousands of others who are waiting for the opportunity. It's all about prioritizing our resources and focusing on this issue in a united front.

Thank you in advance for your involvement with The SIBL Project. In our on-going commitment to enhance awareness and generate support, musicians joining forces to promote literacy will be a powerful tool. Together, through innovative efforts like the SIBL Project we can insure that this important work continues.

Cordially, Randall Weaver
Director, Project Read