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SIBLizing Your Classroom

Here are three quick ways you can use The SIBL Project CD and /or concept to enrich the teaching of reading and literature:

1. Reading Link songs with books. We all love music, so use a song on the CD to introduce or explore Motherless Brooklyn, The Grapes of Wrath, or another song-inspiring work of literature. You can find a whole list of other famous SIBLs here.

2. Writing. Use the songs on the CD to introduce learners to different writing styles: poetry ("Stopping By Woods"), epic (The Odyssey), plays (Waiting for Godot), memoir (Angela's Ashes), graphic fiction (Ghost Story), creative non-fiction (Low Life), and the novel (Sister Carrie).

3. Creativity. Encourage students to compose their own SIBL - or paint a picture, create a dance, write a poem. Replicate the SIBL process in other media - respond to the wonder and wisdom of a story. Hold SIBL concerts, as preparation for singer-songwriters amongst your students to enter the next SIBL songwriting contest.

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