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At the core of The SIBL Project are the learners who benefit from the adult literacy programs we support. This year we are focusing on BALIT, 25 library-based adult literacy projects in the Bay Area. We have asked some of the participants of these programs to share their thoughts and stories. Here's what they said:

Testimonial of an adult learner
from the Livermore Public Library Reading Program

"Before I started the program I just knew I couldn't read. So I had to live with it. I had to make excuses why I couldn't fill out forms. I found myself always having to think of ways not to have to read or write anything, and my friends and work partners would find out I couldn't read. When I couldn't avoid the situation and had to read and I couldn't, I was so embarressed. Friends showed me comics and I couldn't read them. So I would pretend I could and laugh at the comics and didn't even know what it said. I hated reading and dreaded even thinking of reading anything. Now I try to read anything I can get my hands on." John

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